Chocolate Brown Cardigan

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The Long Cardigan is an oversized knitted cardigan that comes just under your bum. It has an open front without buttons. In autumn you can wear it as a coat, in winter it can keep you warm inside the house. Because of the high-quality yarn we’ve used, the cardigan feels soft and is hairy. You do not want to take it off again!

Wear the Long Cardigan on a ripped jeans or a pretty dress, the combinations are endless!

Yarn: 80% Mohair + 20% Polyester
Color: Brown
Model Size: 180 cm
Cardigan Size: One Size
Wash: Handwash, no tumble dry and no ironing

TIP! Don’t hang the wet cardigan on a hanger, let it dry lying on a towel.

190,00 95,00

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