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FAIT D’HIVER is a Belgian webshop loved and owned by Veroniek Dewinter. The name of the webshop is thought up by her sister. FAIT D’HIVER means ‘made by Dewinter’ in French. The name was so suitable, Veroniek didn’t have to think twice about it.

Veroniek makes all the knitwear herself, with some help of her mom, who learned her everything there is to know about knitting. The knitwear is made of high-quality yarn which contains 80% mohair. The yarn is originating from Belgium. So all the knitted pieces are #madeinBelgium.

Because everything is handmade & homemade, the knitted clothing can be custommade. Are you a very tall person? Than Veroniek can make a longer cardigan. Or do you want another color, just ask!

Besides the handmade knitwear, FAIT D’HIVER offers you much more. Veroniek tries to find fun and easy-to-wear clothing and accessories. At FAIT D’HIVER you can shop an entire outfit at an affordable price!

But enough said, why don’t you just check it out yourself?

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