Celebrate The Weekend! April 21, 2017 – Posted in: Uncategorized

Hi Girls!

It’s Friday, that means almost weekend! Last weekend I was very busy because of Easter. I always spend  a lot of time with my family during the holidays. This time we went back to the seaside. I have a very young niece and cousin, who we surprised with a lot of chocolate eggs at the beach. After that the grown-ups got a little treat of their own, a nice bottle of rosé wine at the bar ;D

This weekend I will visit the family of my boyfriend to celebrate Easter aswell. And on Sunday we will be celebrating the birthdays of my cousin and niece (their birthdays are only two days apart). Yessss, another weekend full of celebrations… That asks for a few cute outfits!

My personal style varies a lot. I am a sneakerfreak… in all colours, shapes and styles! But I like to wear heels from time to time. I like to dress up, but there is always a little edgy or rough side at it. For this weekend I will wear the Romantic White Dress from our new collection with the Studded High Heels to make it a bit more edgy. I will probably make a high messy bun and accessorize it with some basic silver jewellery. And if the sun comes out, my Mirror Glasses will be the finishing touch!

I live in Belgium and the weather here is unpredictable, so I always have a plan B (or outfit B) if the weather sucks. 🙁 A few weeks ago I bought a very cool jeans with silver lining at the side. I will wear those pants with the metallic kicks from our webshop. At the top I will wear a white blouse with the Kimono Sweater on top. I made myself one in jeans blue! ( Yes my wardrobe is one fluffy ball! I have almost every cardigan and sweater in three different colours. No I’m not ashamed… HAHA!) I tan really easily and because I’ve spent my last weekends at the seaside I’m not as pale as before. When I’m tanned, I like my silver accesories even more. That’s why I will finish this outfit with some statement silver earrings. Et voilà!

What are your plans this weekend and, more importantly, what are you going to wear?
Let me know!

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