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A new week, a new announcement!

Have you seen our new Spring collection yet? It’s a fun and colourful collection, yet very sophisticated. The mohair yarn gives me the possibility to use it for every season. I can choose the thickness of it wherefore it’s perfect for Spring and even Summer!

I’ve used pastel colours for this season, because the combination with the yarn is just amazing. The fluffyness and cozyness of the yarn fits perfectly with the soft colours. It’s like you are wearing this cute little cloud.

The patterns I created are not as oversized as in the first collection. The Bomber sweater is more fitted, that’s why it comes in two measurements: S/M – L/XL. And also the Kimono sweater and cardigan are special. They have open and shorter sleeves, therefore it’s beautiful with a shirt or blouse.

I’ve also found a yarn that has the same look as mohair, but it’s actually not really mohair. Some people don’t like the hairs and the fluffyness of mohair. That’s why I have made a cardigan in Faux Mohair. It’s still soft and fluffy but it doesn’t itch. Check it out! 

Don’t forget! The colours on the webshop are just to give you an idea. But you can choose which colour you want. Just send an e-mail to info@faitdhiver.com or put your favourite colour in ‘Order Notes’ under the address fill-in form at Checkout.

With this new collection, I decided that Summer is not complete without some extra’s. A girl is never fully dressed without accessories. That’s why I added some lovely sunglasses. I’ve already told you about them in previous blogpost.

But I have another announcement to make… Because I have a little (read: big) obsession with shoes, I’ve made a selection of cool & affordable (!!) shoes! They will be online very soon!! ( Sorry for the exclamation marks, but I’m just really excited!)

Personally, I am a sneakergirl… But I love to feel fancy and wear heels from time to time. That’s why I have selelected a pair of each. Are you ready for some shoecandy?

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“Give a girl the right shoes & she can conquer the world.”